Product Name

Tissue supplement, Collagen (Class III)

Medel Name

COLTRIX® CartiRegen, specification: 1ml * 2 syringe
COLTRIX® TendoRegen, specification: 1ml * 1 syringe


This collagen-contained product, used to supplement bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle, and (biological) membrane that is missing or damaged during internal/surgical treatment and surgery, is designed to minimize immune reactions by removing the telopeptide part having antigenicity, as pure collagen dissolved in physiological phosphate buffer solution.


1 Physicians must understand how to use this product, be aware of the side effects of treatment with this product and be properly trained prior to handling this product.

2 Past medical history on allergic reactions, hypersensitivity on Collagen, and other reactions, which may appear to patients, should be investigated prior to the use of this product.

3 This product should not be re-sterilized or re-used because it is for onetime use (i.e., disposal) and any remaining products must be discarded regardless of the
amount left in the syringe.

4 Check the condition of packaging before use. The product should not be used if the outer packaging or product is damaged.

5 Do not use the product after the expiration date.

6 All medical wastes produced from the use of this product should be disposed according to the standard protocol of medical waste control in hospital.

Intended Use

COLTRIX®  CartiRegen provides the support of locating both cartilage cell and bone marrow at autologous cartilage cell grafts or bone marrow stimulation on the site of defect in joint cartilage.

COLTRIX®  TendoRegen is used for tendon and ligament supplement.

Storage Method

It should be stored at a temperature range of 1 ~ 30℃.
Keep the packaged product in a clean condition.

Expiration Date

2 years

‌Our procucts are munufactured in ISO 13485 certificated facilities.

COLTRIX CartiRegen

CartiRegen Application

 ‌  - Cartilage Defects Knee Joint

   - Cartilage Defects Ankle Joint

COLTRIX TendoRegen

T‌endoRegen Application

‌   - Achilles Tendon Augmentation
   - Plantar Fasciitis Repair
   - Epicondalitis Repair
   - Rotator Cuff Repair
   - Ligament Augmentation
   - Patellar Tendintis