What is Collagen?

Collagen in the main structural protein of various connective tissues in animals and human.
As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in mammals , making u[ from approximately 25 to 35% of the whole-body protein content

Collagen, in the form of elongated fibrils, is most commonly found in fibrous tissue such as tendons, ligaments and skin. It is alse abundant in corneas, cartilages, bones, blood vessels, guts, intervertebral discs and the dentin in teech. In muscle tissues, it serves as one of the major components of the endomysium.
Collagen constitutes one to two percent of muscle tissues, and accounts for 6% of the weight of strong, tendinous muscles. The fibroblast is the most common cell that creates collagen.

Key points about Collagen

-  Approximately 30% of all proteins in the human body are collagen

-  Over 90% of the collagen in the body is type 1. Type 1 collagen fibrils are stronger than steel.

-  Collagen is most commonly found in skins, bones and connective tissues.

-  Collagen gives skin both its strength and elasticity, and is also responsible for the replacement of dead skin cells.

-  Collagen productions in the body typically begins to decline after the age of 40.

- Medical grade collagen can be derived from human, bovine, porcine and ovine sources.

-  Collagen dressings attract new skin cells to wound sites.

-  Cosmetic products such as revitalizing lotions claim to increase collagen levels. However, as collagen molecules are too large to be absorbed through skins, such         claims are highly questonable.

-  Collagen productions in the body can be stimulated through the use of a lacer therapy.

What is COLTRIX?

COLTRIX® is 3% Type-I atelo-collagen synthesizedintracellularly as individual pro-chains, each with N-terminal and C-terminalpropeptide, to aid in the formation of a tightly-packed triple helical structure.Telopeptides remain intact at the terminals of the collagen and are involvedin site-specific interactions that facilitate formation of collagen fibrils as wellas cross-links necessary for fibril stabilization. Removal of the telopeptideregions allows for reduced antegenicity of this product.

Collagen, separated and refined according to medical grades, is a natural material fitting to a living body, whose reaction of immunity rejection is minimized by the removal of telo peptide part where an antigen is located. The collagen transplanted to a living body functions as a live disintegration assistant agent of three-dimension structure, prevents the loss of cells flown into the assistant agent, and helps the regeneration of tissues.The cell-friendly collagen can be used as a material for the regeneration or substitution of tissues, and also applied in various fields as a vehicle transporting medicinal substances, hemostasis material, cosmetics raw material, etc.
At present, it is very active to research on medical equipments fitting to a living body which can maintain their function semi permanently in a human body. And the collagen for medical use of high degree of purity can be not only used as a single raw material but also applied to various parts of a human body by the means of its mixture with other materials fitting a living body, thus the sphere of its application becoming enlarged.

Ubiosis, Co. Ltd. has developed and is presently selling the collagen tissue replacement material for bone, cartilage, tendon, ligament, muscle, and living body membrane. Along with its development of various types' collagen products for medical use on the basis of raw material made in Korea and the compressed enrichment method that it developed, it is now enlarging widely the application sphere of its products such as in the fields of cure of wounds, artificial skin, cure of burns, protecting material of the cornea, cosmetics, etc.

COLTRIX Collagen comes in a sterile pre-filled syringe containing1 mL of 3% collagen gel. The only excipient of this translucent, sterile gel isphosphate buffered saline at pH 7.

COLTRIX Collagen is easy to store. It should be stored in a cool,dry location between 1° and 30°C, away from sunlight. Product stability for COLTRIX Collagen is 2 years.

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