·    2019

COLTRIX CartiRegen  is certified as a CE / ISO13485                                                             

·    2018

Expansion of GMP plant for production of freeze-dried products                         

·    2015

KFDA approves Coltrix and Hemovister                                                                 Started selling products

·    2011

Transfer office to Sangdaewon-dong, Seongnam-si, Korea
and Completed collagen GMP facility                                                                         

·    2010

Established company in Sujin-dong, Seongnam-si, Korea.                                  


‌As a manufacturer of medical devices, Ubiosis manufactures and sells COLTRIX, a medical collagen that can be implanted into living bodies, and Hemovister, a blood viscosity measuring medical device.

The U.S. market of collagen and HA(Hyaluronic acid)-based Biomaterials is estimated to arrive at the scale of 3.7 billion U.S. dollar in 2017 because of the strong interest in the management of personal health and the increase of the old-aged population.
As the average life expectancy is lengthened and the society becomes aging, the demand of natural materials fitting to a living body and almost without immunity rejection reaction such as Coltrix of UBIOSIS(CartiRegen and TendoRegen) is estimated to increase more and more in the market of medical equipments for the old and middle-aged people(particularly in the market of artificial joint, artificial tooth, artificial skin, artificial cartilage, artificial vessel, artificial eye).

Blood viscosity is classified as an important danger factor in diseases related to all circulatory organs and blood including heart disease, high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis, and in the metabolic disease including diabetes. It is also an index for the diagnosis and check of the progress of the diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac infarction. The test of blood viscosity is done at the same time with other tests.
Therefore, if the market scale is estimated according to the number of patients of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, which are known as the typical chronic diseases and having the largest number of patients: